Rule 1: The CEO must own the marketing function.

Rule 2: Make sure the marketing department starts small and flat and stays small and flat. If CEO’s are to stay actively involved with marketing, it is necessary to shorten the distance between himself/herself and consumers/buyers.

Rule 3: Spend as much time as possible out of the office, face-to-face with consumers and buyers.

Rule 4: Ask for continuous feedback from consumers and buyers and act on it.

Rule 5: Hire only passionate people to build a strong connection between employees and consumers/buyers.

Rule 6: Love and respect your consumers and buyers.

Rule 7: Create a community of consumers who will become the ambassadors of your brand and company.

Rule 8: Talk to your core group of loyal users, one-to-one.

Rule 9: Celebrate uncommon sense breaking the rules in every business area.

Rule 10: Be true to your brand and company never diminishing the quality of the product and service you sell.

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