International Expansion 

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  • Analysis of the availability of public funds at national or regional level to support the internationalization of enterprises

  • Building partnerships in the target geographies together with Local Institutions, Commercial  Associations, Business Analysts,  Local Sales Agents, etc.

  • Designing digital marketing plans toward the target geographies linked to the blog section of the company web site

  • Creating a CRM process based on the different  steps of the commercial development in the target geographies

  • Creating customers’ acquisition plans while defining and implementing the specific commercial contracts


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  • Defining the competitive positioning and its implications on the selling price, commercial plans and team’s skills

  • Designing the commercial contracts and planning the first contact, a  demo and the commercial meetings with potential prospects

  • Negotiating the contracts with suppliers while managing at best the impact on the cash-flow

  • Preparing a 3-5 year  Strategic Plan with the whole set of implications on the Cash-Flow, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet statements

  • Designing and preparing a presentation to search for new investors (Banks, Venture Capitalists, Private Equity Funds) and/or to ask for an additional round of financing to the existing shareholders

  • Managing Investor Relations: commercial metrics, operating budget, cash flow,  team’s development

Merge & Acquisition 

  • Historical analysis of the company’s financial statements or part of it

  • Computing of a 5-year profit & loss statement built on the Startify Sales Plan and the different cost items provided by the company

  • Computing of a 5-year cash flow

  • Estimation of the company’s value using accurate methodologies and benchmark financial data included in the proprietary Startify database

  • Possible funding scenarios via Banks and Financial Institutions, new Investors and Commercial Partners

  • Delivery of a presentation for the CEO targeting possible funding sources

  • We manage directly the activities of acquisition, merge or sale working on the full process, from the due-diligence to the transfer of  shares

Team Performance

  • Adopting a “Trading & Coaching” approach starting from the commercial objectives for the fiscal year of  single individuals or the whole team

  • Linking people to numbers focusing on: 1) behaviours, 2) satisfaction ratings from Users & Buyers, ESG ratings (environment, social, governance), 3) conversion metrics, 4) financial results

  • Designing a process for performance “self-assessment”

  • Adding new skills and competencies in the company while creating Succession Plans for the key managerial positions